Vince DelMonte's Your 6 Pack Quest Program

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"Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I’ll Share Exactly 6 “Little Known” Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Belly Bulge…”

On top of that… it's on this very page you'll discover the secret to how…Get a 6 pack in just 6 months

It Makes No Difference If…

You want to drop those stubborn last 10 lbs. that have been plaguing you forever…
You want to shed that first 100 lbs. that are destroying your health and social life…
You want a firm and flat midsection because defined abs attract attention like nothing else…
You want to sculpt your body because sexy abs are a sign of good health, power, and yes, even sexual ability!
You think it's your slow metabolism keeping you from that body of your dreams…
You've been told you have bad genes and will never own one of those model's bodies…
Everything you've tried up till now has failed and left you frustrated and in worse shape…
You lack motivation and are convinced your stubborn fat has found a permanent home…

BBB Online Member Vince DelMonte Fitness

Dear 6-Pack Seeker,

I think I know you. I do.

You're fairly young… or at least young at heart. You're a guy or girl who truly cares about the way you look. Someone who knows deep down inside that how you look effects many other aspects of your life.

The job you have…

The relationships you have…

Maybe deep inside your mind you have a vision of how your life will change when you finally look and feel your very best.

Mens and Womens Ripped Abs

You're not the ordinary fitness seeker.

You may be just a few pounds overweight… or  too many pounds to count.

Either way you are not looking for just another plan that will help you a little.

You’re sick and tired of pills, powders and shakes that only upset your stomach…

You’re sick and tried of failing with the latest BS celebrity diet…

You’re sick and tired of being told, “You don’t have the right genes…”

You’re sick and tired of doing endless amounts of cardio, weights and crunches and still can’t get rid of your belly fat and extra stomach fat that is, let’s admit, pretty gross.

You want to be the best of the best. You want a flat… firm… sexy stomach…

And if you’re really honest, you want the trophy of all trophies…

You want your 6-pack.


But if you're willing to dedicate just 16 weeks to your belly fat…

Then I promise you'll lose your stubborn love handles and ugly belly bulge, simply… quickly and easily.

Imagine… a new set of ripped abs… a new outlook… a new life! Without “fat burning pills”… without living in the gym… and without the confusion usually associated with new “expert” programs.

It's nothing short of a life-changing event.

Never Again Will You…

Endure the emotional heartache of being out of shape… the ridicule of being fat or the dangerous effects of being obese
Get screwed by marketing machines that play on your insecurities and promise results they couldn't possibly deliver…
Settle for the less than desirable “friend” of the person you truly desire. You're going to get that girl… or that guy of your dreams!

Just to start this new day… the first day of the rest of your life… let's blast away some of the dirty little lies the diet, supplement and fitness industry has been feeding you…

“The Body Of Your Dreams Is Locked Inside This “Fat Burning” Pill or “Supplement."

Virtually every pro bodybuilder and pro fitness model uses fat burning supplements and pills to drop their body fat into the single digits and would be soft and flabby without supplement X.

In every single fitness magazine, you will find over 100 advertisements of the pros singing praises to the latest and greatest nutritional supplement that hit the market.

Next time you read one of these supplement review advertisements, thumb through the rest of the magazine because you'll be reassured that every guy and gal with ripped abs is using some sort of “hardcore rapid amplifier pill” and if they are then you should too.

Shame on you for thinking you could lose all your stomach fat without taking the newest “scientifically formulated thermogenic fat loss capsule.”

Did you know all of those magazines are owned by the very “nutritional” companies that sponsor bodybuilders and fitness models lucrative contracts in exchange for singing their praises?

That's right… Every major fitness magazine is just the marketing arm of the companies that make the supplements and the supplement companies need massive dudes and celebrities to endorse their products.

Let me tell you that if you were to ever win, even your local, bodybuilding competition, don't be surprised if your mail box gets flooded with offers to endorse a new supplement line you have never even used yourself.

You'll be offered money and free supplements in exchange for your false testimonial that supplement X played a massive factor for your physique. Really it was years of hard work, consistency, commitment, dieting and sacrifice. Unfortunately that does not make for a sexy advertisement.

"Lots Of Cardio Is The Secret For Your Success."

On top of your weight training program you will need another 7 hours a week for cardio workouts. Lots of “long slow cardio” is the best way to lose fat. Sure it is because think of all the people you know who do tons of cardio and have ripped abs too. Still thinking of someone? Keep thinking because so am I…

If you don't believe me when I say, “Long slow cardio is NOT the most effective way to lose fat,” than take a look at the ladies in your aerobic classes and your gym members pumping away mindlessly on the ellipticals, treadmills and bikes. Do you notice their body looks the same as last month and even last year?

Next time you watch the Boston or New York City marathon, take a look at all the overweight runners? If long steady cardio was so effective at losing fat then why in the world are there so many overweight joggers?

Not only that but cardio strips muscle from your body! You lose muscle and your metabolism slows. Your metabolism slows and you store fat. What a lovely cycle.

Don't get me wrong, Tharun followed a very unique cardio system but it did not strip off his hard earned muscle and had nothing to do with how the magazines teach you.

“Not Everyone Can Have A 6-Pack… It's All In Our Body Makeup”

Whether or not your body will ever be “cut” is all in your DNA. Some people just don't have the “right genes.” That's why they'll never lose their belly fat and get a six 6-pack.

That is the first lie that comes out of the mouth of every trainer who fails to get you the body you want. Unlike most of the shredded posers you see on other websites, Tharun has the worst genes imaginable for dropping fat. If Tharun ate a regular diet and worked out in the usual ways that most personal trainers preach, Tharun would be just slightly less than the 276 pounds he was when we first hooked up.

The dead-honest truth is by following my system, anyone from high school student to retiree can have that body of their dreams. I don't care if everyone else in the world says you can't. I not only say you can! I guarantee it!

“Follow this new diet to get a flat stomach”

I know that you've already tried the Cabbage Soup Diet, The Lazy Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, The Chocolate Diet, Atkins Diet and The Hollywood Diet and you're not going to have to resort to the Amputation Diet because I just watched a commercial for a new diet that guarantees 10 lbs in the first 3 days or your money back!

You did not fail your last diet – your diet failed you! Diets are temporary and not lifestyle and result in massive food craving, make you feel trapped, result in stress, destroy your social life and are boring. Sound familiar?

If you haven't figured out yet diets make you feel like you are dying! If you took 100 of the diet books on the market you would discover that 90% of the content is the same and the author (who is usually 40 lbs over weight himself… sorry Dr. Phil) and slap a different “angle” on the last 10% to make it unique and to give it a marketing angle.

Here's something that's always boggled my mind. Why would you buy a diet book from someone who is 40 lbs over weight themselves? That's like buying a money making book from someone who's broke! Anybody who writes a book on getting washboard abs better have their shirt off! Stop following 2 week diets that only result in you losing 14 days!

“Follow this killer abdominal workout or abdominal device for eye popping abs.”

Don't get me wrong – there is a right way to build thick and muscular abs and a wrong way but don't ever think you can get rid of 30-40 lbs of belly fat solely through a ab device or specific “abdominal workout.” Intense weight training and cardio training plus a clean diet is the secret to melting off the fat.

Too be honest, if we could blowtorch off all of your stomach fat right now, you would probably not recognize yourself in the mirror and move to Mexico so you can go shirtless all day!

See… abs are the holy grail of fitness.

You can't work a little… diet a little… and expect to get a 6-pack. Getting rock-hard, rippled, and washboard abs takes commitment. And in the past I've seen that most people don't have that kind of commitment.

“Exercise is responsible for more than 10% of your results”

Your “diet” or what I would prefer to call “meal plan” is 90% responsible for how you look. Ask any fitness model or physique athlete and they will tell you, and I will agree 100%, that you create your abs in the kitchen – not in the gym or on a treadmill.

Think of it this way, you have 168 hours in the week and you are only training 3-7 hours a week so lets just assume you’re on the ambitious side – 7 hours of training will account for only 4% of your entire week… and I bet your not exercising 7 hours a week?

I, personally, have done every fat loss and muscle program in the world and the only time I see my body change is when I cut out certain foods. In fact, there are 4 specific foods I cut out, which are the same ones, Tharun cut out, which were 90% responsible for getting rid of his love handles and belly fat.

But Why Would You “Or Should You“ Listen To Me?

Vince DelMonte as Skinny Vinny

Hi. My name is Vince DelMonte. The man who was once destined to be remembered as “Skinny Vinny.”

But that seems like a lifetime ago…

Now I'm a personal trainer who became famous for building myself from that thin, scrawny, sickly-looking runner, into a world class, champion fitness model and author.

And I did it in record time. The safe and natural way.

Now you may think there's no connection between me starting out ultra-skinny and you starting from where you are.

But you'd be wrong, because…

The same motivation and desire you have to finally possess a flat, firm and sexy 6-pack, is exactly what I needed to get my body.

And the one thing you have… that Tharun had (the guy in the before and after picture at the top)… that I DIDN'T HAVE…

Someone to guide you every step of the way.

Someone who has already helped, literally, over 20,000 people in 120 different countries to transform their bodies. The same someone who helped Tharun get from 276 pounds, with more than 30% body fat, down to 176 pounds of lean, taut muscle with only 6% body fat.

Of course I'm talking about me.

Before we get into that part of the story… let's find out a little more about you.

Mens and Womens Ripped Abs

Are you tired?

Tired of buying all the bold promises, only to find that you've been lied to, ripped off and played for a fool?

I don't blame you.

You got to this page because you're searching. Searching for the roadmap to your ultimate 6-pack.

This page probably wasn't your first stop. That means you've been fed a big heaping bowl of garbage, probably more than once…

And more than once you at least came close to falling for the lies. You may have even bought another program, or book from one of the “empty promise mongers.”

Those bogus online “trainers” who hide behind stock photography and a well crafted sales page that promises you'll lose a hundred pounds in 8 minutes.

The only way that bull is possible is if you're British and the hundred pounds are the money you lose just by buying their book!

The good news is you're finally here. The one website that will tell it to you straight…

You're not happy with the way you are because deep down inside you know you can do better. You may be 10 pounds overweight, or maybe it's 110. Either way… you want a body that doesn’t go unnoticed – life is too short to be “just average.”

You know that having that body is more than just about showing off your abs at the beach…

Eric Carlson Winner of World's Fittest Model

"What a GREAT program! This is truly a blessing that cuts through all the bulls&*% out there!

We need more honest, accurate advice like yours Vince.

Keep up the great work - your program is awesome!"

Eric Carlson

Winner of "World's Fittest Model"

Men's Health (and many others) Cover Model

It's more than just having the best body in your gym…

It's more than just looking great in stylish clothes for the first time ever…

It's about what having a chiseled 6-pack says about you. It tells the world you can do anything you set your mind to.

It says you're in charge and won't settle for second best…

And the thing I've found in my own life is when you honestly believe you don't have to settle, then life brings you the absolute best it has to offer.

Not just the best health, the best job and the best future.

And let's face it…

Sexy people date sexy people…

And in 2009 there is nothing considered sexier and healthier than a rock-hard, flat, defined midsection.

I don't care if you're male or female… young or old… extremely out of shape, or just a little… The only thing that matters is you're here and you're going to change everything you now hate about your body…

Everything that's been keeping you from true happiness.

I trust this is starting to sound familiar and by the time you get to the bottom of this page… after you read every word… You will have taken the first step on your journey to chiseled… cut… washboard abdominals…

Because right here on this website I'll introduce you to the one and only program you will ever need to get rid of your belly fat and get a firm, flat and sexy stomach. And in the process you get in the best shape of your life… and stay there.

I know it’s hard to believe that, YOU, have the ability to track down and capture the elusive six-pack and transform your abs from fat to flabby – to hot, sexy and defined. The system you’re about to possess will give you the ultimate metabolism advantage and ignite your fat burning hormones to start stripping fat, even while you sleep.

Your entire body will change and that will transform your life!

You’ll no longer go unnoticed or remain “average” (life is too short for that).

Young or old… Male or female… It makes no difference!

Yes… I have the secret to helping you melt fat like butter in a microwave…

That not only comes from my desire and determination to go from “Skinny Vinny” to a world famous author and champion.

You see… losing fat is a bit more personal for me…

Earlier I mentioned how I went from skinny to muscular. And that's 100% true. But there's something else I didn't tell you… Something I don't often tell people. But…

“I'll Reveal My Secret To You…”

When I changed my body in 2002, I went from social outcast to being more desirable to women. For the first time I actually got some dates and wasn’t that guy in the room who nobody noticed! And the female attention was cool. But… I hid my deep, dark secret…

I went through a phase… when I was a fitness fraud!

You see… I did my workouts a few times a week, and tried to eat okay… Then on the weekend I'd ruin it by eating junk, partying and never once hitting the gym. That's when the unimaginable happened…

Skinny Fat Guy Syndrome“I Started Getting Fat…”

I'm dead serious!

I started to develop the most bizarre kind of body a man can possess…I was becoming a“Skinny Fat Guy.”

You know what I'm talking about. The guy who is naturally thin but has high body fat percentage because he eats like crap on the weekend.

A guy who still looks half decent with clothes on…

But underneath is a stockpile of pizza… wings… nachos… and beer. Hidden deep inside my bulky sweaters and black, untucked shirts, I was actually growing a spare tire!

I swear on my life, I hated it SO much. Especially when I had to take my shirt off - any muscle I had my body was discredited because I had this ugly and annoying belly bulge. I actually became envious of the skinny guys with no muscle and thought, “At least they have their abs.”

In order to change… in order to associate my name with a six pack book, I needed to develop a fat loss system like there's never been before!

Vince DelMonte 8% body fat

That's exactly what I did.

That's exactly what I did. And it worked even better than I could have expected. In just a matter of 10 weeks I went from around 215 pounds and 18% body fat… to around 200 and 8% body fat.

(I don't obsess on the numbers - I use the mirror as my progress tracker).

That's roughly a loss of 23 pounds of fat, while gaining around 8 pounds of lean muscle!

So, you see… the advice I gave Tharun to help change his body and life, was not theory…

It wasn't coming solely from a skinny guy who built muscle…

The weight training system, nutrition strategies, cardio workouts, and supplement plan to cut the body fat and sculpt the perfect abs… were the same tools I personally used to say goodbye to my ugly belly fat, and compete, again, at the World Fitness Model Championships on June 13th, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario.

Recently I spoke to Tharun, just to check up and see how his great new life was going. During that conversation he said something that touched me…

“Thank you, Vince… I couldn't have done it without you.”

Rob Riches Reviews Your Six Pack Quest Fat Loss Program

"Vince has captured in 'Your Six Pack Quest' how to achieve lean and sculptured abs that epitomizes today's ideal physique and desired look by everyone.

It is an easy read, that educates and informs on many levels, dismissing the many myths that are associated with trying to achieve the iconic six-pack!

'Your Six Pack Quest' will guide you around all the pitfalls and obstacles many often face, and lead you clear ahead in your quest to sculpting lean, hard abs.

If in any doubt, just look to Vince to see how he's developed the book from his own quest, and how he has been able to rise from skinny to sculptured, and can lead the way for you too."

Rob Riches

'America's Best Body' and 'World Natural Physique Champion'

Awarded April 2008 at America's Fittest Model contest in San Diego

Awarded at Musclemania World Finals, 2006, for Junior Lightweight Bodybuilding

And you can do it too. I'm 100% sure of it!

But… you need the one program that comes from a guy who has been sickly-skinny… then skinny-fat…

The program that helped Tharun get six pack abs… the only program of its kind designed and developed using…

“The Real-World Science Of Muscle”

Yes…of course my program comes backed by an unbeatable money back guarantee. But you get an even bigger backing.

You see… unlike all those self-proclaimed fitness gurus you run into online, my program also comes backed by science and REAL WORLD experience.

In 2002, I received my Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario. Not some bogus online diploma mill or personal training certification that certifies you over the course of 3-days for $200-300…

The science of kinesiology is a big fancy $3 word that basically means the science of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and lots of other boring academic subjects.

…but a real University world-renowned for their cutting edge teachings on the special science of accelerating your metabolism and balancing your fat burning hormones.

And I put everything I learned in school… plus years of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE with my own personal struggles… and through the 1000's of clients I 've personally trained—into what has to be the Internet’s best six pack abs and fat loss program…

And that will transform your life!

Young or old…Male or female…It makes no difference!

“After 12-Weeks Marios Went From 200 lbs at 17% Body Fat To 210 lbs at 10% Body Fat!”

“My years of frustration on trying to bulk without packing on fat were finally over… I was amazed by the amount of information that I was able to download. I had all the information that I needed to succeed at my fingertips…

If this is not enough, you do all the hard work for your clients and also provide tools such as a metabolic calculator and mass meal plans for both men and women. I love the way that you bust the top muscle building myths. This information alone is worth the whole price of the program.

I finally learned what to eat in order to gain lean mass without the fat and how many calories to consume each day… which exercises build muscle, what tempo to use, and which exercises to avoid. What type of cardio to do, and most importantly that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym in order to build your dream physique. I was once a supplement junkie but not anymore thanks to your no bull guide on supplements. This info alone has already saved my hundreds of dollars. My friends ask me what steroids am I on when they see me each day getting better and better. I laugh and tell them that I am hooked on Vince Delmonte.

For the lousy $100 that I gave you in exchange for your program, I have received so much! I will even compete in the Cypriot Fitness Nationals at the end of this year. I also have the guts to offer my own fitness advice to all my friends since I finally have the body to back it all up. I am now the man at the gym and I am being chased by all the gals. Your program will change the life of everyone that purchases it. All that I can say is:

“Get the Vince Delmonte program now!” “It will be the best decision that you will ever make in your life.”

Marios Prodromou
Larnaca Cyprus

“Soft And Depleted To Sexy And Muscular”

6th Place Of 41 Girls In Her First Ever WNSO Fitness Model Competition! 

"Vince, how do I put into words everything that you have done for me…

I am extremely happy with the results that I have achieved training with your program.

…Knowing that I have you to guide me and knowing that I will get results with your program, gives me the peace of mind that I need to concentrate on bettering my physique.”

Adina Chetan
Ontario, Canada

“Kevin Cuts Body Fat In Half!”

“Just recently, I came in 3rd in a 12 week contest at my gym using Vince's six pack training program which played a major role in that success.

I never thought it would be possible to see such gains in just 12 weeks!

Vince has helped me drop from 16% BF to 8% BF to expose an honest 156 pound frame.

Can't wait to see where I am in 12 months. Thanks for everything!”

Kevin Seguin
Ontario, Canada

“40 Year Old Mom Loses 18.5 Inches”

“For the first time ever, I’m in the best shape of my life and happier then ever thanks to your program.
Before your program I was feeling frustrated with workout and not seeing results. I was tired of yo-yo dieting and empty promises from fat burners and easy weight loss methods that are advertised daily on television and in magazines.

I saw your program on the computer one day and read the success stories that followed and told my husband “I can do this”.  I read through the program and was quite excited to see there was no guess work.  I would know when to eat, what to eat and I had many different workout programs to choose from. 

I am so proud of myself for setting a goal and sticking to it. I have lost a total of 18 ½ inches, 12 pounds and 4% body fat. This 12 week program has helped me feel great about myself and has restored my self-esteem, I feel sexy for the first time in years.”
Sondra St-Amand
Vernon, British Columbia

“90 Days Later Peter Lost 22 Lbs Of Fat & Gained 3 Lbs of Steel-Solid Muscle.”

“Before I began your program, I was a regular at the gym... Your program taught me the true meaning of the word intensity, so I implemented your ideas and routines in the gym, and I got RESULTS.

My diet consisted of “trying to eat healthy”. Following your program, I learned what to eat, how to eat, how to follow a compliance rule, and how to increase my meal frequency.  This was by far the biggest hurdle for me, however I am sure was the most important step for me, and I got RESULTS.

Through your program, I now fully understand how cardio is a tool to maximize my level of fitness.

Finally, your program has the BEST motivational support I have ever experienced.  I received e-mails from you which inspired me to STAY ON TRACK, something I have never been able to do before.  Every direct question that I asked was answered promptly. 

Your blog, your discussion boards, your emails, your Facebook posts, your Twitter posts, they all kept the fire burning, and kept me wanting to improve.

My waist has shrunk by 4 ½ inches (I had to buy new pants).  I feel on top of the world because I made a decision to get lean and fit, followed my plan, and hit my goal.  I have had numerous people ask me what I am doing to achieve these results, for advice, and have received many compliments in general regarding my transformation. 

I can now go into any situation with much more confidence, and I feel comfortable, alive, the way I am supposed to feel.

Peter Luckraft
Cape Cod, Ma.

“Andy Notices Veins & Cuts He's Never Seen Before…”

“Using the principles of YSPQ, I was able to go from 195 to 179 in a matter of 12 weeks. My waist went from 33 to just under 30. I've been noticing veins and cuts I've never seen before!

For the first time in my life I had people coming up to me in the gym asking what kind of supplements I take!

I was also asked if I compete in bodybuilding and fitness expos. I don't, but my new transformation has given me the motivation to try and be the best I can possibly be and I have signed up to compete in my first show. Thanks for all the info and great tips Vince.”

Andy Spruill

I'm Convinced. I Want My Abs Now!
Click Here to order Your Six Pack Quest Fat Loss Program

The body transformation program that combines science and real-world, in-the-trenches success to deliver you…

The secret to getting past simple vanity to a stronger and deeper motivation that is so compelling, it literally forces you to meet your goals…
The reason your genetics… age… and hormones have absolutely nothing to do with your progress… your fat loss and your ultimate 6-pack success!

The sneaky and ONLY way to trick your body into melting fat 24/7. Now you're like the 7/11 of fat burning… Always open for business and abs are 6 for the price of 1!

The bone fide truth so you can see through the thin veil of misinformation and contradicting advice!
he most exciting way to work out that will completely eliminate the boredom. These strategies alone will work wonders at keeping you motivated!
A mandatory list of “power” foods that persuade stubborn fat out of your body like Tony Soprano persuades another mobster to leave town!
The one thing that is more powerful than even having a personal trainer living in your house with you. Without this tool, I guarantee you will sabotage your success!
The “plateau busting” tactics that got Tharun motivated and back on track when he hit his lowest lows.
The 1 simple reason you've only had short term success and never had long term success… and how to overcome this killer, quickly… simply and easily.
The body transformation tools that can help give a 75 year old grampa the look of a 40 year old virgin. It's like nearly cutting your age in half.
Delicious food, and plenty of it! I not only show you what foods you must eat, but I show you how to prepare them in ways you'll love!

This is just a tiny taste of what's inside this industry-rocking program. The same system that helped Tharun and so many others get their 6-packs, in record time…

“Joe Lost 25 Pounds & Got Down To 7.5% Body Fat!”

“This program is different because of the bullet proof plan provided and the fact that there is not guess work for the reader! I never hit a "dead end" while training for my goals..

The biggest struggle was social occasions but I overcame the obstacles by staying focused on the outcome. Vince was also quick to answer questions when clarification was needed.

The biggest benefit is the reaction you get from people who havent seen me in a while! Also, no longer feeling helpless in the quest for a fitter body. I now believe I have more of the answers than questions and I feel in control of my fitness level and I am even more confident in my future goals!"

Joey Vaillancourt
Gatineau, Quebec

“…Your Full Body Routine Is Simply Amazing
…I Can Not Find A Better One!”

“After and exhausting football season and losing 13 pounds of muscle I was skinner than ever. I started to use your program and I got excellent results. I am now more ripped than ever. Girls keep telling me compliments about how I look shirtless. I know I am not the biggest guy, I am around 142 pounds but my BF is around 7%.

Half of the guys in the school wish to have my physique, seriously. They always bother me saying that I use steroids. I am very happy with what I have achieved. My strength has gone up. Guys in the gym keep asking me for my diet and my routine. I am feeling greater than ever and I look better than ever. Here are some pictures of how I looked before and after. By the way, your full body routine is simply amazing, I cannot find a better one.

I have been literally busting my !#!$ to get were I am now. The way is not easy, but the results worth it. Your program has taught me how to eat, what to eat and when. Now I know what works for me and what does not.”

Daniel Ernesto Gomez Chama
Veracruz, Mexico

There's no reason you couldn't do at least as well as Joe! Especially because you're getting the complete six pack and fat loss system that hands you the keys to a brand new life with…

Scientific, no-holds barred facts about cardio and why everything you've been told for decades is dead wrong (and actually causing you to store you're belly fat)!
Diets test your will power but do nothing for your waistline. Adopt a new way of eating like a king, while losing a ton, and sculpting your 6-pack. Just like Tharun!
Tharun's own method for losing over 3 pounds of stubborn, ugly body fat every week for 6 months straight! This worked out to just over 1% of his fat per week – exactly what experts claim is realistic.
The simple diet, training and supplement secrets that force your body to create growth hormones and testosterone… naturally!
Tharun's “mind set” and “attitude” philosophy hat kept him motivated to stay focused and lose 1% body fat every week for 6 months!
How Tharun used a similar workout structure and intensity the actors used in the movie “300.” (Tharun transformed his body BEFORE this movie came out).” 
ll the exact training routines that gives you razor sharp abs, instantly making you king or queen of the beach!
Every full throttle “ab workout” and “ab exercise” that makes your core as strong as a bear and builds ripped abs from the inside out.
Tharun's super-specific “rep” and “set” scheme that had him build overall body strength while sculpting his abs.
My never-before-seen, laser-targeted program for spot reducing and killing off stubborn fat! Yes, “spot reducing” DOES work if done properly.
The crazy-fun way to combine abs, weights and cardio in a fat-blasting body-shredding routine you'll love!

Seriously… I'm just warming up. I said I was handing you the keys to your new life… Well… screw the keys… I'm ripping the gate off the hinges with this new package.

"Leaner, Stronger, Faster”

Before I heard about Vince I knew a bit about training but man was I missing out on real, precise, no bull straight in your face facts…

Now 20 something pounds lighter, I keep getting leaner, stronger, faster, more explosive.

Thanks for the knowledge Vince.

Nestor Ahumada
Amateur boxer and mmartist
Guatemala C.A.

“90 Days Later Charles Has Abs At 52 Years Of Age!”

“After 90 days of your program and writing here is my photo prior to not being able to workout for 3 years due to an auto accident.

I'm 52 years old and just absolutely “had to” start making these positive changes in my life. What has amazed me is the corresponding changes in my life on a mental and spiritual level that is nothing short of a miracle!

This is just my first 90 days on a new lifelong journey and I thank you for your advice and dedication to your calling.”

Charles Dray
Plant City, FL

“But Vince… I'm A Girl! I Don't Want To
Look All Hard And Muscular!”

Jennifer Nicole Lee's chubby body transformation

Vince DelMonte is not only a living transformation specialist for whether you're skinny or chubby (male or female), but a highly regarded fitness expert in his field who I look up to.

Of all the authors in the fitness industry’s, Vince’s methods are tried and true. I suggest for all of my clients to invest in his books and programs, as his no holds bar approach to training will give you the results that you want and deserve, with all of the BS cut out, leaving you the tips, tools and techniques necessary to build solid muscle and to get a sleek and sexy six pack.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Author, The Fitness Model Program™

Professional Fitness Coach

Contributor To Oxygen Magazine

International Weight Loss Success Story

Appearances on Oprah, The Big Idea, CBS, Inside Edition, and E! Entertainment

Of course you don't! And you don't have to!

There is no reason you can't stop just short of being super-cut.

I have female clients who do that all the time! But let me ask you this…

Do you want to wear your low-rise jeans with a belly shirt?

Do you want to finally look amazing in that tiny bikini?

Do you want to turn heads everywhere you go… have jaws drop everytime you walk by?

Do you want to, for the first time, take total control over something and have the greatest sense of accomplishment a woman person could ever have?

Abs do more than just show power… they instill a feeling of empowerment!

Everything else… the health… the looks… the dates… that's all gravy!

“61 Year Old Sheds 25 Pounds Of Ugly Fat, And Gains Rock-Solid Muscle.. In Just 12 Short Weeks”

"Working with Vince DelMonte's fat loss program for 12 weeks, I have managed to lose (25 pounds and 20 ½ inches

lost 10% body fat and have reduced from a size 18 to a size 12…

…I am stronger, healthier, have more energy and am more positive in attitude. What started as a chore has become a new and enjoyable… way of life."

June Lynch
Ontario, Canada

“Megan Went From Zero Tone To Lean & Sexy!”

“Vince's program is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! I have learned how to make the absolute most of each and every visit to the gym. The quality and focus of my workouts is better than ever before. I am so happy with the amazing changes that have taken place in my body!

I went from skinny fat…to lean, toned and sexy! I'm working hard, and lifting quite a lot…but all the women out their should know…it won't make you look bulky!

If you are willing to put the information that Vince gives you into play, and give it 100 percent…the changes you can make are astounding!”

Megan Kelly

“Libby Conquers Battle Of The Bulge & Wins Trophy In Masters Women’s Figure Show”

“After a serious injury to leg tendons and ligaments…and a full year to recover…I gained 15 pounds of fat to my small frame. I find myself at 128 lbs. at 5'4". To get myself back on track I verbally commit to an upcoming Figure Contest…
After reading Vince”s material I am enlightened to mistakes I am constantly committing. I am not exceeding my muscle thresh hold. I keep lifting close to the same poundage’s and expecting better results. Nutritional timing is another area that needs improvement.

Yesterday was NPC Show Quincy Roberts Elite Muscle Classic 2008. I placed third in the Masters Women’s Figure! I took home a trophy!

Best thing I liked about this transformation? Freedom from the knowledge that the supplement industry is a waste of time and money.

What did I gain? A trophy, some muscle, and the confidence to lead by example…because talk is cheap. Gained a tremendous amount of satisfaction that I reached a goal I set out to do."

June Lynch
Ontario, Canada

“You Can Have It All”

The magazine quality abs of your dreams…

Simply… quickly and easily… guaranteed!

Now… that doesn't mean it's going to come without effort. You will have to put in the work.

But gone are the days of endless cardio… the days of lifting weights until your limbs fall off…

The days when you did dangerous sit-ups and endless crunches until the only thing popping from your gut was a hernia!

You don't have to endure any of that, with…

The one program (online or off) where you're guaranteed your own 6-pack in 6 months or less. No if's ands or buts.

But that's not all.

I'm even giving you a huge incentive to amaze me… and yourself. Incentive for you to get in the best shape of your life… get your flat stomach and washboard abs… and become the next body transformation super-star!

Body Transformation Contest to get cash

You heard me!

All you have to do is let me help you like I helped Tharun!

Use my system to get in head-turning, jaw-dropping shape…

And every 12 weeks, my best student… the one who has changed their body the most… gets a cool grand, and has their photos and story featured on this page!

Can you ask for more than that?

I'm giving you everything you need from weight training routines… cardio workouts… female only workouts… home gym workouts… body weight training… meal plans… recipes…supplement recommendations and a community of support centered around motivating you and keeping you committed… yes, it’s a no-fail success plan!

You will have absolutely everything you need to break-thru to that extreme body buried inside you. A physique everyone will be jealous of and that will go noticed!

The kind of body that has my male clients taking off their shirts with ultimate confidence anytime they want.

The kind of body that has my female clients wearing their “skinny jeans,” shortest tops and skimpiest bikinis.

You're now ready for a day on the beach… A shirts vs skins basketball game… a pool party… swimwear contest… even modeling!

Because you're getting all this…

Your No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-Book

Vince DelMonte's No-Nonsense 6 Pack in 6 Months

This is the lynchpin of the whole system. The book you can download instantly, and begin your abdominal-sculpting routine… right now.

The same book that is literally changing the lives of hundreds of overweight, and average guys & girls.

The book that promises to give you a smoking hot bod with rippling 6-pack abs in the shortest time humanly possible!

Insanely fast!

"No-Nonsense" gets right down to it.

Not just another e-book with a bunch of boring pages that you won't even finish reading.

Because let's be honest… no one has ever gotten a 6-pack while reading a book!

You get the only rock-solid, ab-carving information, motivation and support you will ever need!

“No-Nonsense” contains the same strategies, tactics and tips I gave Tharun to help him go from an obese 276 pounds to a shredded 176 with 6% body fat!

It will empower you with all you need to short-cut your trip to an insane 6-pack!

No fluff. No B.S. No hype!

Listen… no one has worse genetics for losing weight and getting ripped, than Tharun…so if you think you have bad genetics – throw that excuse out the window!

Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder… fitness model… or just want to be the hottest guy or girl on Spring Break— this system has been proven to work time and time again. And it will work for you.

Your No-Nonsense 6-Pack Workout DVD Series

No-Nonsense 6 pack DVD workout

In this much-anticipated high-quality instantly downloadable DVD, you’re a fly on the wall… in my gym…

Over 12 hours of non-stop inspirational, educational and entertaining training footage. You're a fly on the wall… in my gym…

Watch as my camera crew chases me through the gym and I demonstrate EVERY SINGLE workout in the program.

It’s like I’m your workout buddy, taking you through each one of your workouts.

At 205 pounds and 8% body fat, 3 weeks out from the World Fitness Model Championships – watch “Vin-sanity” like you’ve always wanted to see him before – super buff, ripped and muscular!

After watching Vince crush every single workout in the program you’ll have zero excuse not to get washboard abs and a flat stomach.

The hardest thing about watching these workouts is having to wait till it’s over to bust out some serious lifting.

That “Hard Losers” Secret Weapon:
Healthy 84-Day Meal Plans

Meal Plans for the Hard Loser

Ten different meal plans starting at 1,200 calories and going up to 3,000 calories in 200 calorie increments. That's 10 stages to take you from even 30% fat down to single digit body fat!

Not only that but each 84-day plan shows you how to eat depending on your workout schedule. You'll know how to plan your meals whether you train in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.

After you have access to these meal plans you will no longer have any excuse for not losing the belly fat and melting your love handles.

Print them off and put them in your kitchen. Finally…no more guesswork. Just follow the plans to drop the fat like a bad habit!

You now know what to eat… how much to eat… and I even give you quick and delicious ways to prepare your muscle-fuel… er, I mean food.

Other websites offer basic 30 days meal plans, but you're getting 10 unique 84 day meal plans with a variety of delicious foods. That's 12 full weeks of no-guesswork, real… healthy… fat-punishing eating.

And no one has these meal plans ANYWHERE.

I know this because well… plans like this are not cheap to have made. I'm able to offer them because well…don't tell anyone, but the guy who owns Empowered Nutrition Systems… He's my workout partner! Shhhhhhh.

Separately they'd cost you over $150.00 for just one caloric amount. And you're getting them included in the “The No-Nonsense Fat Loss System.”

The 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program

Metabolic 3 Day Boost

No-Nonsense is all about diet and training. And here's the training manual that gets your butt moving.

We start out with 3 days a week of semi-intense workouts structured to start you on the road to your brand new body - perfect if you are a beginner or just "getting back into it."

There's no theory here, just every single workout detail – your weight training routine and cardio workout - in one convenient place.

A separate manual you can easily print off Monday afternoon and take to the gym Monday night. This way you never have to wonder what to do next.

Like sculpting Mount Rushmore, these first 16 weeks are all about blasting off the big chunks. The more refined sculpting comes right after you master…

The 16-Week 4 Day Metabolic Boost Program

4 Day Metabolic Extreme

You will be down at least 16-48 lbs of ugly fat and just getting comments from all your friends. Your 2-pack is popping and your 4 pack is pushing through and you are 16 weeks from owning a six pack!

Discard the 3-day program and witness my metabolism jolting "bodybuilding functional workouts. "Dozens of non traditional training exercises to boost speed, strength and endurance all during one workout. After this next 16 weeks of no guesswork - you'll never be embarrassed in a swimsuit again.

Learn these brand new, inspiring biplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes to put your body into high gear, invigorate your workouts and spark your motivation to new heights.

Follow these very specific training protocols to start dialing into single digit body fat and put the fun back into your workouts.

The 16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program

5 Day Metabolic Overdrive Program

Time to dump the beginner's 3 day and intermediate 4 day manual… and print out this advanced 5 day overdrive program!

This program is my "baby." It intensifies the "bodybuilding functional workout" and expands on more speed, strength and endurance all under the same umbrella.

It's the next series of steps you'll take to a brand new… sleek and sexy you!

We've got the basic shape down now…Here's where we begin chipping away at the final pieces… to target perfection. More intense workouts… more advanced applications… challenging combinations… more, more, more!

And with that comes more progress… more precision… more pride! “The Third 16” are where you begin to forget the old you completely.

You're more than thinner… more than just toned up…

It's where you begin seeing life-changing events happen. A higher quality lifestyle… a higher quality health… and higher quality dates. And razor sharp abs you could cut diamonds!

Note: I will warn you. These workouts are VERY challenging. Beginners and intermediates who attempt these will end up in the bathroom after the first 15 minutes. In the near future, I'll be marketing this program for $57 by it self.

The 4-Week Bodyweight Program

Bodyweight Fat Loss Progam in 4 Weeks

You have no business doing any serious work on the weights until you can completely control your own bodyweight!

To help make that super-simple…

I developed 4 weeks of special bodyweight training that delivers you safe, challenging and exciting workouts in just 30 minutes a day. You can do these workouts 3x a week or 7 x a week depending on your level of fitness.

I'm not just talking about pushups… situps and squats. I've included cutting-edge methods that are new even to me! Get ready to do exercises you've never even seen before.

But just because something is new, doesn't mean it's better. I personally performed hundreds of new movements, then pulled out my calculator and did the math.

And I've cut these new methods down to only the ones that are better at sculpting your body… painlessly and insanely fast. Then I mixed them with the tried and true old-school methods. Delivering you a rockin' way to work your entire body in less than a half hour per day.

You can do these highly-effective simple movements before work… on your lunch hour, or even while your child is napping.

They're safe and the workout is designed to protect your bones, muscles and joints from injury or wear and tear.

The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

Razor Sharp Abs Cardio

Discover a very specific cardio training protocol that has NEVER been published anywhere and will transform your abs/core region beyond physique display.

Far beyond “long slow cardio” and more powerful than “interval cardio” alone – this workout will kick your metabolism into 24/7 autopilot.

You can’t afford to weight train, diet and supplement without this “missing piece” of the puzzle designed to dig out the last 5-10 lbs of lower ab fat.

Multiple different protocols are provided whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or in a pre-contest phase.

As long as you’re serious about getting razor sharp abs and developing your entire core region then don’t get left behind without this cutting edge, challenging and exciting cardio system.

The power of this abs/core cardio program must be witnessed to be believed and will build your abs, melt the fat and will redefine the term, “fat burning machine.” Over the next few months, your stomach will feel as thin as the skin on the front of your hands and you’ll have more motivation, confidence and respect than ever before!

The No-Nonsense 6-Pack Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer Exercises to get a  6-pack

It's like you've got your own trainer with you 24/7!

My own proprietary database massively packed with more than 100 fully animated exercises.

I custom made this baby by hand!

And the answer is "Yes!" You can even use my program at home even if you only have the bare minimum exercise equipment… I got you covered!

The No-Nonsense 6-Pack Virtual Trainer includes every exercise necessary to complete my intensive 6 month program properly.

Workout out at home, at your school, at your college gym or in a fancy super-sized club…every exercise you need is included.

You're now saving the cost of a personal trainer (Around $75 an hour). The virtual trainer will show you how to do each exercise properly… virtually eliminating the chances of making mistakes!

You'll even get a mini anatomy lesson since all these exercises are conveniently organized by muscle groups and movement patterns. Say goodbye to injuries and say hello to your brand new success.

The Fat-Loss Supplement Watch Files

Fat Loss Supplements

I did this for bodybuilding and pissed off some of the huge marketing machines. Well… now I did it again—this time for fat loss!

The big-dogs are running scared because I not only blow the lid off all the bad supplements they're pushing like drug dealers…

But I'm leading you right to the few truly useful ones, that most of those corporations have nothing to do with.

I have to tell you, it was not easy to make this list. I actually contacted seven recognized scientific authorities to get a complete list of over 500 different nutritional products on the market today!

I almost punched a hole through the wall when I found out the supplements I used to be using only had a 3.4% absorption rate. And I was paying almost $100 a month for this garbage!!!

I couldn't keep this information to myself so I have compiled a list of the best nutritionals (even exact brands) ranked by independent researchers that were rated based on absorption, potency and quality. This information can save you hundreds of dollars this year alone!

The 24/7 Six Pack Coach

Fitness Coach Vince DelMonte

Over the years training people like you, I've been asked plenty of questions…

And I'll be frank with you…

It's usually many of the same questions. Sure, I still answer questions by email, but I can't be sitting on my PC all the time.

So I've accumulated them all and… Compiled them into a database. The Instant 24/7 Six Pack Coach is that database.

Every single question I have ever been asked since the release of my first training program.

You need answers about getting started, the programs, nutrition, plateaus, motivation, supplements, stretching, injuries or how to turn a first date into a second date – I’ve got you covered!

Simply look up your question and in less than 20 seconds you will get an instant answer. No waiting whatsoever.

If I don't have your answer in my database—just shoot me an email. I'll not only reply personally, but your question and my answer then get added to the database to help others!

Unlimited Updates
Unlimited Updates

My biggest problem with the Internet is that just about any uninformed idiot can call themself an expert.

This is why so many customers come to me saying everything they've heard in the past is confusing.

The next guy you find on a message board will contradict the last guy you found. You keep following that pattern and you'll never get ripped…

That's why I want this to be your last stop for good information. Once you come on board I will be with you for the long term, continuing to make this program better, more complete and easier to follow.

I'm dedicated to make sure you'll never be "out of the loop."

Remain well armed with up to date info in every part of this package! Whether updates are made in 6 months, a year of even 20 years from one… it's still free for you.

Until I get this package absolutely 100% perfect… you get updated… FREE.

There you have it!

“Easily The Single Greatest Ab-Shredding, Best-Shape-Of-Your-Life Program You Could Possibly Find Anywhere…”

And here's the really cool part…

There's no risk on your part! It all comes backed by…

"My No Questions Asked…
100% Money-Back…
Smile And A Handshake… Guarantee! "

Download and test this powerful 6-pack system.

If you don't see astonishing results in a crazy short period of time…

If you try just SOME of these hidden tactics and don't finally… once and for all… see the kinds of results only promised by worthless supplements and ripoff marketers…

If you don't feel I've lived up to my claims in any way… I mean it…

If for any reason whatsoever in the next 56 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.

That's No Risk To You
For 8 Full weeks!

This is my promise.

And I make this promise because I am THAT SURE that you will find my system to be unlike any other out there today.

And most importantly… I can make this promise because unlike all the other junk you've seen up till now… THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!

You can have that 6-pack in 6 months or less. That's my promise to you.

I'd like to see my competition top that!

And One 1 More Surprise Bonus…
Private Member Community

Lifetime Access to the No-Nonsense Private Muscle Building & Six Pack Members Zone'
- Welcome to the Internet's premier muscle and fat loss community!

This is the fastest growing online community that combines Vince’s muscle building and six pack trainees which is as close as you’ll get to visiting me in the Toronto, Ontario area.  This is where Vince’s members congregate each day.

Have your number one muscle building and fat loss questions answered within minutes, share workout advice, compare results, motivate each other and troubleshoot any problems you’re having so you’ll never be left out in the dark scratching your head. 

The No-Nonsense Private Member Zone is the crown jewel of this program and will fill the missing gap in your success - SOCIAL SUPPORT.  No e-book or program is powerful enough alone, without a community of supporters keeping you motivated and accountable to your goals.

On the forum you can:

  • Chat with others trying to gain muscle weight or get a six-pack
  • Create a training journal and log your progress
  • Post your pictures to get feedback
  • Discuss muscle building and fat loss training
  • Learn more about the supplements I use
  • >Access a complete area on nutrition
  • Get brand name supplement reviews
  • Read reviews of famous training programs
  • Access more articles and training programs and meal plans
  • Audio interviews
  • And much, much more!

I will eventually be charging $9.95-$19.95 a month to get access to this private member zone but currently you get LIFETIME access, absolutely FREE.

“Hold On, Vince… There's So Much Here
 It Has To Be Expensive. Seriously…
 How Much Is This Going To Cost?”

It's going to be a lot less than you think, trust me. It'll even be far less than it's actually worth.

Take a look at all I'm offering you… 8 success modules and an ironclad guarantee you will achieve your 6-pack

Now close your eyes and think. Think really hard…

How much would that be worth to you?

How much would you pay to change your whole look… change your whole life… and change your whole future?

Think about how you'll feel when you look in that mirror, lift up that shirt and see your 6-pack rippling. No lighting tricks… just your abdominals looking just like a professional models'.

Now you want to know how much less than that I'm really going to charge you?

NOTE: The bonuses above are only for the first 500 to respond to this offer!
Consider it a reward for being among the very first few
to get your 6-pack with me!

Reiner Ruska Your Six pack Quest Program Review

"For the same amount my supplement customers spend on one tub of protein powder that will only last 2 weeks, you can get Vince's complete six pack system for the same price!

I train in the same gym as Vince and can testify that just watching him train for 30 seconds will be enough motivation and inspiration to take your physique to the next level."

Reiner Ruska

Herc's Supplement Store Owner

Ontario Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion

“How Much Would You Pay Now?”

You know… if you were to hire a personal trainer… depending on where in the world you are, you could pay $75 per hour or more.

Train with him/her just 3 hours a week and you're looking at a 6 month bill of $5,850.00. That's $11,700.00 every single year.

And there's a really good chance your trainer will not have these cutting-edge, scientifically proven tactics in his/her pocket.

It's true! With my program you'll know more about getting a 6-pack than most ordinary trainers!

Let's say you forget the trainer…

You buy a bunch of supplements, based on the hype in the commercial or magazine ad. Still You're looking at $1,200.00 per year. And while there are a few supplements that will help you achieve your goals, there is no pill or powder that will magically give you abs… let alone 6-pack abs!

So, you decide to just stick to fitness magazines…

You follow one plan and get nowhere… A new one comes along that looks cooler, so you follow that one… By the end of the year, you've spent $180.00 on magazines and you're exactly where you are right now!

I won't charge you…

$5,800.00 like you'd pay a trainer for just 6 months of
wasted time…
$1,200.00 like you'd pay for a year of garbage
I won't even charge you the $180.00 you'd pay for
worthless, corrupt fitness magazines…

Remember that number in your head? I bet it was higher than that $180.00 price, huh? Yeah… we both agree if you got this entire system for just $180.00 it would be a helluva deal. But…

I'll give you the whole “Your 6-Pack In 6 Months: No-Nonsense Fat Loss System,” for 1 payment of just $119.00!

“Wait… Hold On A Second…”

I'm already giving a tremendous set of bonuses for the first 500 to sign up… And I'm confident those 500 will be going fast. But I just realized something…

The only way for me to afford to pay the $1,000 prize every 12 weeks… is if I get enough people to sign up to make it worthwhile. So… to ensure I get a record amount of signups, I'm willing to cut that already low $119 price to… get this…

Just $77.00. You heard me… You get the whole ball of wax… the whole 9 yards… the whole shebang… and every other cliche you can think of!

The best 6-pack program you'll find anywhere… all the success modules… and all the bonuses… for just 1 easy payment of $77.00.

And yeah… it all still comes backed by my unconditional money back guarantee.

Seriously… you'd better hurry before I come to my senses.

"Your 6-Pack Lifestyle…”

Dream Abs

Let's take a look into the future for a moment…

You wake up one morning just a few months from today.

It's early…

You start the coffee pot, then get ready to jump in the shower. Suddenly you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

It didn't sink in till just this very moment…

You're actually ripped!

I mean rippling abs, cut to perfection. Your 6-pack is not just showing… it's casting shadows it's so defined!

You jump out of the shower… the smell of coffee playing with your nose…

This is going to be a great day… you can just feel it.

You head out to work, or school… and realize that people of the opposite sex are staring at you… you can just tell they want to be with you. Even those of your same gender are checking you out… they want to be you.

Imagine feeling, for the first time… like the person you always dreamed of becoming.

That dream is not far off. You can drop the belly fat and have that tight, lean body you want, with shadow-casting abdominals. And you can do it with no powders, no pills… in 6 months or less… for just $77.00.

So please stop imagining. Make it reality. If you are not happy with how you look, you probably never will be UNLESS you make a change.

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

Vince, I'm ready to finally burn the fat… win the ultimate trophy of granite-like 6-pack abs… and do it WITHOUT dangerous diet pills, WITHOUT worthless supplements, and WITHOUT delay!

I understand that I'm getting unlimited and instant download access to…

No Nonsense 6-pack Fat Loss
 Your No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-book
No fluff or filler. Just the fastest and easiest way to achieve my ultimate 6-pack abs!
Sells For: $97.00
6-pack DVD Series
 Your No-Nonsense 6-Pack Workout DVD
Download the video directly… then watch and learn as I go through my  entire workout routine! 
Valued At: $97.00
Hard Losers 84 Day Meal Plans
 The “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans
9 Custom meal plans professionally developed for fast, ab-cutting success.
Valued At: $400.00
3 Day Metabolic Boost Program
 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program
There's no theory here, just every single body movement you need in one convenient place.
Valued At: $57.00
4 Day Metabolic Extreme Program
 16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme Program
Strength, speed, endurance all under one roof with zero guesswork and inspiring workouts.
Valued At: $57.00
5 Day Metabolic Overdrive Program
 16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program
You've never trained like this before. Get ready to witness jaw dropping results.
Valued At: $57.00
Bodyweight Fat Loss Program in 4 Weeks
The 4-Week Bodyweight Program
All the safe, challenging and exciting workouts you need in just 30 minutes a day!  
Valued At: $47.00
CUltimate Abs Core Cardio Program
The 16-Week Ultimate Abs/Core Cardio Program
Razor sharp ab workouts blended into energizing belly blasting sessions.
Valued At: $57.00
No-Nonsense 6 Pack Virtual Trainer
The No-Nonsense Fat-Loss Virtual Trainer
The proper form for every exercise you'll ever need to sculpt your abs!
Valued At: $47.00
Fat Loss Supplements
The Fat-Loss Supplement Watch Files
The compiled list of the best nutritionals (even exact brands) ranked by independent researchers! 
Valued At: $17.00
Vince DelMonte Personal Fitness Coach
The 24/7 Six-Pack Coach
That's right. Access a database of every single question imaginable and get your answer within seconds.
Valued At: $27.00
Unlimited Updates
Unlimited Lifetime Updates
I will be with you for the long term, continuing to make this program better… and you'll get it all free!
Valued At: $107.00
Private Member Community
No-Nonsense Private Member Zone

This is the crown jewel of the entire program and where you’ll find all the social support you need, which is the missing ingredient to your muscle building success.

Valued At: $197.00 a year
Total Value Of This No Nonsense,
6-Pack In 6-Months, Success System…


Vince DelMonte Your Six Pack Quest System

And you're getting it all at the introductory price of just $77.00.
That's a deal and a half in anyone's book.

Here's to your new 6-pack!

God Bless,

Vince DelMonte

Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building

Author, Your Six Pack Quest

Professional Fitness Coach

Contributor To Men's Fitness Magazine

Advisory Team Maximum Fitness Magazine


Friend To Tharun

P.S. – I almost forgot!  I promised to tell you Tharun's secret…

The reason he was so embarrassed about gaining 100 pounds…

The reason he was at his wits end when he decided to assemble a team of world class trainers to help…

The reason he contacted me…

The secret Tharun was carrying around is that before he packed on that 100 pounds…

He was a personal trainer!

I'm not kidding. His job was to get people in shape through motivation… and example. Yet he was now obese.

It's easy to see why he was so worried…

He thought if his secret came out he'd never again be able to work in his chosen profession…

In the end he decided helping thousands of people around the world, showing his entire transformation daily… was worth the blemish on his career.

So… he sucked it up… announced his goal live on the Internet… and put in just 24 short weeks to drop the 100 pounds… change his entire body… and finally get his 6-pack!

No-Nonsense Muscle Building Success Stories

P.P.S. – With my full 60 Day No questions asked guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose except all that body fat you've been carrying around for too long now.

Plus… you get to gain that sexy 6-pack that will make you the envy of all your friends!

And if you decide to take me up on my money-back guarantee, I'll even let you keep the free bonuses, as my gift to you, just for trying out my system.

You can't beat that with a stick!

P.P.P.S – You really can do what Peter did. I don't care about your genes… your metabolism… your gender… your age… your previous failures…

My program will work for you!

I strongly believe this is the single best program of its kind anywhere.

The one that comes backed by my personal guarantee… plus YEARS of real world experience and science, time-tested and proven on thousands of people like you. Get your 6-pack… and get it right now. You'll have jaws dropping before you know it!

NOTE: These e-books are downloadable e-books. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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