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No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-Book $97.00

No-Nonsense 6-Pack DVD  $97.00

The “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans  $400.00

16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program  $57.00.

16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme Program  $57.00.

16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program  $57.00.

4-Week Body Weight Conditioning Program  

The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

The No-Nonsense 6-Pack Fat Loss Virtual Trainer

The Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files

The 24/7 Six- Pack Coach

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At the request of my customers, I recently made some entirely new products and entirely new modules to support the main program that I know you're going to want. These are not “updates.” These are brand new and created from the ground up.

You're going to go crazy when you see how simple I'm making it to get a flat stomach and get in the best shape of your life… it's a no-brainer

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The Exclusive…
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The Six-Pack iPod Upgrade -
The Entire Book In Uncensored Audio Format

Here's where I take you through the entire book, chapter by chapter, while you sit back and listen through your speakers or headphones.

I figure some of you may hate to read a book and have no interest in spending hours in front of your computer screen.

Download the entire collection of audios to your iPod and turn your car into a University On Wheels. Listen to it while you browse the net or bring it to the gym - it's totally up to you.

I know how quickly and painlessly you want to absorb this information … and that's why I've compiled the entire ab-shredding system into a 6-hour audio masterpiece - this is an upgrade you can't go without.

Valued At: $47.00

The No-Nonsense 16-Week Home Gym Program!

Home Gym Program

Some people hate the gym… others just hate the added cost.

That's why I put together, for the first time… a 16- week program you can easily complete. And do it from the comfort of your own home gym.

Now you're always just a few feet from your workout! No drives to the gym… no traffic… no hassle.

Using just your standard… inexpensive home gym equipment you can get all the benefit of being at an over-priced, over-crowded commercial gym.

No waiting in line for the ab machine… no wiping someone else's sweat off the bench. Now it's like you're one of those Hollywood stars, with a personal trainer coming to your house!

I take you step by step through each workout. All you need is a range of dumbells, a bench and stability ball… everything you need to get in swimwear shape… in your basement, garage or spare room!

Valued At: $57.00

The No-Nonsense 16-Week "Women Only” Program!

Womens program

It's a simple fact that a woman's body is different from a man's.

Sure… some things are going to be constant, regardless of gender… But with this female-specific training program, women no longer need to feel left out.

Ladies… I give you the absolute best… scientifically sound practices for your body!

It makes no difference if you're already lean and looking to get some muscle…

Or if want to get rid of the belly fat, fit into your skinny jeans, wear tiny sleeveless shirts, get rid of your cellulite and lose your thunder thighs. I give you the exact workout program that I use with my female clients.

Guys… you may think this bonus means nothing to you, but you're dead wrong! This program alone makes the whole system like a 2-for-1 deal. Print this book out and help get your girlfriend or wife get in the best shape of her life too!

The way I see it, that's a win/win/win.

  • You get your 6-pack…
  • She gets her rock-hard tummy…
  • You get a smoking hot girlfriend (or a super hot wife)!
Valued At: $57.00

That “Hard Losers” Secret Weapon:
Healthy 84-Day “CHEAP” Meal Plans

I’ll be the first to admit that eating clean is not cheap and can be a little expensive for some.

So… they end up shorting themselves on nutrition.

Maybe you're student or on a fixed income. It doesn't matter…

…because I went back to the lab and had these brand new meal plans put together that guarantee to give you an astonishing flat and firm stomach… even when eating on the cheap.

Four… unique… 84-day eating plans ranging from 1,500 calories to 3,000!

Now you'll be able to afford all those dates you'll be getting. If you were to go out and get these made from that well-known online nutrition company (my friend), they would cost you $47 each.

Valued At: $188.00

That “Hard Losers” Secret Weapon:
Healthy 84-Day “VEGGIE” Meal Plans

For years the so-called experts claimed you couldn't get enough protein on a vegetarian diet. Well… along with my friend the nutrition guy, I put together the perfect eating plans for melting your love handles and removing your pot belly… all while staying vegetarian!

Three different 84-day plans ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 calories.

For vegetarians, these new meal plans are worth 10 times the price I'll be selling them for. If you went to that nutrition company and found something like this on your own, it would cost you.

Valued At: $188.00

“Meals On The Go” 6-Pack Success Recipe Book!

Over 30 delicious, nutritious, fat-blasting smoothie recipes.

Now you can create your own tasty, rewarding and diet-conscious meals… with the perfect caloric impact for your 6-pack quest.

You'll learn my “Juicer” smoothie recipes to get your 10-15 serving of fruits and veggies plus my “meal replacement” smoothies if you don't have time to eat every 2-4 hours.

These are the same smoothies I drink every single day…… the same smoothies I give my training clients. The smoothies that make the “Jambas” and the rest taste like they came out of a tin can.
  • Garden Fresh…
  • No hidden preservatives… Yummy…
  • Money Saving…
You know… the chain smoothie shops try to make it look like rocket science to make a great tasting and nutritious smoothie. Now you'll do better than them when you whip up your own, simply… quickly… and easily… anytime you want.

Now if I can just find a homemade coffee recipe that will keep me out of Starbucks!

Valued At: $47.00

How To Get “Camera Ready” In Just 7 Days
Camera Ready in 7 Days
The secret pre-contest strategies Bodybuilders and Fitness Models use to look like perfection, even if they're not!!

Now looking your best in a pinch is easy because… instead of stealing their “secret playbook” I was fortunate enough to get an ex National level bodybuilder to interview. 

Consider this the “secret playbook” stolen by the pros that help them achieve that crisp, dry and tight look.

And let me tell you… they're not too happy about it.

These are the down and dirty insider tricks that work like crazy if you need to…

  • Get looking great by next week, for that high school reunion…
  • Fit into that bridesmaid dress by Saturday…
  • Show up everyone for the corporate photo…
  • Get ready for a week on a tropical holiday… in a teeny tiny swimsuit!
Let me note that to get the most of out this 7-day step-by-step contest prep system, you need to have almost single digit body fat to make it effective. This does not work if you've got 30-40lbs to lose.

Valued At: $47.00

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16-Week Home Gym Workout
16-Week Women Only Plan
84-Day Cheap Meal Plans
84-Day Veggie Meal Plans
Meals On The Go Power Shakes
"Camera Ready" In 7 Days Report

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